Pain Management

Treating pain with hypnosis can be very effective in relieving and controlling pain. If the underlying cause is known and your doctor and you have discussed it, then hypnotherapy can be used in a variety situations.

We often take for granted feeling physically well and fit, so when we experience pain over prolonged periods of time it can have multiple effects on our everyday lives.


A sudden onset of pain is known as acute pain, generally acute pain tends to disappear when the underlying cause has healed, though there are cases in which it is more severe and lasts for weeks and months.

Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than six months. Here the nerve fibers which transmit pain signals to the brain become more efficient and affective at sending the messages to the brain. This means that the intensity will increase, this is necessary to get your attention and as a result your brain becomes more sensitive to pain.
Hypnotherapy can be used to manage, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Spinal Stenosis and a variety of other injuries and illnesses. Working together through guided hypnotic techniques, the hypnosis helps to change the way you perceive the pain messages and as a result helps to reduce the intensity of what you are feeling.

Everyone experiences pain in a different way and as an individual we will work to find a combination of hypnotic techniques that are most suited to your needs, giving you effective control over your pain.

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*Hypnotherapy is effective however results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important.