Overview of Areas of Work

The following are some of the areas I work with using the Solution Focused Technique. It is important that you are prepared to make changes in your thinking and want to work together to achieve the positive change.


Anxiety and stress can affect the individual in a variety of ways. Physical symptoms can be in the form of  Panic Attacks, Irritable Bowel (IBS), Skin Problems (dermatitis, eczema) tingling sensations etc. It may exhibit itself in the form of “Anger, Frustration or sleeping problems.

Insomina/Sleep Disorders

Many of my clients have experienced years of disturbed sleep patterns. The lack of sleep impacts on our daily lives and our physical well being.

IBS  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The NHS are currently using hypnosis for the treatment of severe IBS, helping you to understand what triggers your symptoms, the therapy can help you to reduce your symptons and in some cases allievate them totally.


Phobias covering all areas.  Are your fears or phobias stopping you doing the things you want to do,  Fear of Flying, Spiders, Heights, Needles are some of the more common phobias people suffer with.

Pain Management

Pain is the way our brain lets us know a part of our body requires attention. The use of hypnotherapy
as been seen to lessen pain.

Addictions and Obsessions

Hypnosis with the clients co-operation can help with “Stopping Smoking”, Nail Biting,
Alcohol Dependency.

SPORTS Performance Enhancement

Achieve that perfect Golf swing attain a high level of Sports performance.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be enormously successful in enabling people facing these highly stressful and often crucial situations to perform without disabling anxiety, free from self- doubt and in control.

Confidence Building

Lack of confidence or low self esteem can stop us achieving our goals.
Hypnotherapy can help you over come your lack of confidence. Lack of confidence and low esteem can have a detrimental affect on our lives, whether it is associated with our relationships, at work, at home or when we are socialising. Through hypnosis  negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviours can be revised and replaced. The result is a new and motivated attitude with increased self- belief and confidence.  

Other Areas

There is a vast area that Hypnotherapy sessions can improve, remove or at least relieve, please do call and have an informal chat to see if what is either a minor or perhaps a more problematic situation affecting the balance in your life can be helped by using SOLUTION FOCUSED HYPNOTHERAPY.
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*Hypnotherapy is effective however results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important.